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Does Your Skincare Contain These 5 Essential Ingredients?

Does Your Skincare Contain These 5 Essential Ingredients?

In these challenging times, it is all the more important to take good care of your skin. So are you sure if your skincare products contain 5 essential ingredients? Let us find out more about them:


Did you know Bakuchiol is the very first natural alternative to retinol? It is making waves in the beauty industry for this very reason. This vitamin A derivative has anti-aging benefits, so it can reduce dryness and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin tone, elasticity, texture, and radiance. It stimulates collagen production and healthy cell renewal. It also resolves acne issues and dark spots, and boosts hydration. In fact, a study in the British Journal of Dermatology has found that Bakuchiol is perhaps less irritating than retinol when it comes to combating signs of aging.

Cacao Seed Extract

Due to blue light pollution, your skin starts to suffer and age digitally, but cacao seed reduces oxidative stress and forms a protective barrier on the skin. It helps to restore the lipidic layer of the skin, reinforcing the shield, thus preventing loss of moisture so the skin stays hydrated for a longer period of time. Cacao seeds are high in flavanols that increase dermal blood flow and oxygen saturation – skin cells are nourished, while natural radiance is restored. To sum up, they are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-allergenic.

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (THD Ascorbate)

Free radicals can lead to massive damage of the skin, but Vitamin C in THD Ascorbate can help reverse the harm – it provides antioxidant protection by destroying free radicals that cause early onset of aging. It penetrates deep within the skin (into the dermis), nurtures in from inside, and stimulates production of collagen. It can soothe inflamed skin and prevent painful breakouts. If used regularly, it improves skin tone and texture as well. Your skin takes on a visibly brighter appearance as the amount of skin pigment reduces by almost 80%. Moreover, THD Ascorbate increases production of glycosaminoglycans such as hyaluronic acid that are naturally present in skin – it plumps up skin cells and moisturizes too.

Biphenyl Azepanyl Methanone

Keep stress and pollution at bay with this anti-aging agent! It regulates cortisol levels in the skin, so it becomes soft and supple, with better elasticity. The skin barrier is significantly strengthened as well. It prevents collagen loss due to stress and thinning of skin.

Hexapeptide-37 & Heptapeptide-32

Environmental stressors lead to inflammation and damaged skin. But these peptides continue to repair damaged skin by blocking and healing inflammation. Since they seep deep inside the skin, they are able to soothe from within, thus restoring the youthful glow and natural radiance. It allows healthy cell renewal, so your skin looks bright and healthy, even if age and UV damage have reduced the ability of the skin’s own natural growth factors to work.

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