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what is anti-tech

Good question – we thought you might ask! We are connected to technology now more than ever, and the blue light emitted by those devices can damage our skin over time. We took over two years to create the science behind the Anti-Tech formula, which blocks the blue light that is emitted by our devices and screens everyday, and starts to actively repair the many signs of damage that has occurred over time.

our story

We set out to help others combat modern day skin issues, because we’ve experienced them ourselves. We focus on the quality and quantity of our active ingredients, and go above and beyond the industry standards. This allows us to bring you the most effective products in the market that deliver genuine results.

Featured Product

An ultra lightweight, daily serum that protects and repairs your skin against daily pollution and blue light damage from technology. Fights against environmental aggressors and free radicals that causes the skin to age.

Clinically proven to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Improves skin tone & texture.

Protects against blue light & environmental damage.

Reduces darkspots & corrects hyperpigmentation.

"Don’t be fooled by the pretty packaging and lightweight texture of this groundbreaking serum."

– Katie Chang, Forbes

"I love feeling confident that I'm nourishing my skin even when I sit in front of a computer for 8+ hours per day."

– Amanda Capritto, CNET

“When I first saw this list of ingredients I though this would be a $300 dollar product.”

– Pedro Boyer, Licensed Esthetician

Active Ingredients

Cacao Seed Extract

Cacao Seed Extract contains cocoa peptides, saccharides and polyphenols. It reduces oxidative stress of blue light to protect the skin against aging.  This allows the skin to repair fine lines & wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.


Bakuchiol is the first natural alternative to retinol. It has been clinically proven to reduce multiple signs of aging including roughness, dryness, fine lines & wrinkles.  You will see an improvement in skin tone, elasticity, radiance and brightness.


Vitamin C Booster

Our Vitamin C Booster acts as an antioxidant, anti-acne, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and toning powerhouse.  It penetrates down to the deepest layer of your skin, the dermis layer, to stimulate collagen & elastin production.  


-Protects against blue light damage
-Protects against environmental pollution
-Reduces signs of aging
-Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
-Improves texture of skin
-Increases skin elasticity
-Increases collagen & elastin production
-Tones skin
-Corrects hyperpigmentation
-Brightens & evens skin tone
-Fights against acne
-Calms inflamed skin


NO artificial fragrance
NO artificial colors
NO parabens
NO sulfates (sls/sles)
NO added phthalates
NO formaldehyde
NO triclosan
NO triclocarban
NO mineral oil
NO oxybenzone
NO coal tar
NO hydroquinone

Beauty Experts First Reactions

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