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How to keep your skin calm and carry on during these stressful times

How to keep your skin calm and carry on during these stressful times

Stress can not just wreak havoc on the mind but have negative effects on your skin too. It could cause acne, inflammation, dull texture, and a host of other problems. When stress shoots up, so do your cortisol levels, which is the main culprit. A neurological study has revealed that skin health and stress is directly related!

Lifeless skin

The Covid-19 pandemic has converted homes into offices. We spend more time than ever on smartphones and laptops these days. The blue light exposure from electronic devices boosts free radicals forming in the skin, in the way of oxidation. It leads to breakdown in cell structure, thus causing fine lines, wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation. Since you can’t shut off the electronic world entirely, keep the Foster's Lab Anti-Tech Serum handy! It shields your skin from harmful blue light, while combating signs of aging. Including antioxidants to your diet blueberries or pomegranates can help fight stressors.

Troublesome Acne

Painful breakouts and visible acne – the terrible two’s are scary! When cortisol production increases, it leads to more oil production by sebaceous glands in the skin, which leads to pimples and boils. But you can rely on topical treatments to prevent such situations. Use skincare products that contain salicylic acid. It seeps deep within the pores to unclog them of dirt, grime, excess oil, etc. thus allowing them to breathe. Apply the proper amount depending upon skin type, as overuse leads to dry skin.


Skin conditions like rosacea, psoriasis and eczema have been linked to inflammation. Stress throws everything even more off-balance! You might notice that your skin can act up after a hectic week at work or while burning the midnight oil for meeting deadlines. Work pressure will always exist, but you can keep your skin calm with a bit of “me time”. Indulge in some morning yoga, or meditate for sometime before starting the day. It relaxes your nervous system and lets it rebalance. Substitute sugary stuff like cookies and ice creams for fruits and juices, because artificial foods can trigger an imbalance in the skin, which can cause lots of problems when stress levels peak.

Dark Circles

No one wants to see those darkened hollows under their eyes! It is even more embarrassing if someone else points them out, casually commenting how you look “exhausted”. Sleep deprivation and stress are the main reasons for dark circles. Rather than reaching for those Melatonin sleep aids from the medicine cabinet, why not create optimal conditions for your body to produce its own melatonin? Try to keep lights low before going to bed and don’t use your computer, smartphone or tablet as the light emitted can negate melatonin’s effects. If you feel like watching TV, maintain a distance of at least six feet from the screen. Don’t forget to turn off bright overhead lights.

Protecting your skin from stress requires certain changes to lifestyle – it requires time, effort, and patience. Take baby steps towards easing your stress, so you can lead a carefree, happy life, with naturally healthy skin.