Foster's Lab


"As a cosmetic chemist who has researched and reviewed thousands of beauty products, I rarely come across a new launch that is as timely and relevant as this one, Foster’s Lab Anti-Tech Serum." 

28 Sep 2020

"The pandemic has us spending more time in front of our computers and using our smartphones, which means more potential skin damage from blue light (or HEV light)."

16 SEP 2020

"It’s super sheer and light - which makes it perfect under makeup or as a little glow-giving boost in the morning, and ideal for all skin types - including the dude in your life/office space."

10 SEP 2020

If you're in the market for a new skin care treatment, there is a new skincare company based in the buckeye state"

18 AUG 2020

"Be Passionate. If you aren’t all in, it will be very hard to overcome the setbacks and hardships without losing enthusiasm. I am extremely passionate about skincare, which has allowed me to put in the extra time and cross the finish line, which to me is getting our product to market."

11 AUG 2020

"Foster’s Lab launched its debut product—the Anti-Tech Serum. This serum helps protect skin against harmful factors like blue light. Formulated with Cacao Seed Extract, Bakuchiol, Vitamin C Booster, and a proprietary blend of other ingredients"

4 AUG 2020


29 JUL 2020

"Everyone is guilty—spending hours each day online, even at night, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, but did you know that your screen time could be wreaking havoc on your skin and speeding up the aging process? "

22 JUL 2020

" Your screen time could be taking a major toll on your skin, in a way that’s equivalent (and in some ways worse) than sun damage.Just… great."

14 JUN 2020


11 AUG 2020

"Waitlist worthy: Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including, cacao seed extract, bakuchiol, and a vitamin C booster, the serum is designed to shield skin against the effects of blue light damage emitted from electronic devices while also reducing the signs of aging."

13 MAY 2020

"Skin experts have been drawing attention to blue light or HEV (High Energy Visible). This is the type of light that is found in sunlight. It also present in LED lights, fluorescent lights, our computer screens, smart phones and tablet screens. Too much exposure to this high energy light is generally stressful for the eyes. It also has adverse effects on our skin"

14 JUN 2020


15 MAY 2020

"A few products have hit the market claiming to protect skin against blue light damage, such as Foster's Lab, a new skincare startup that makes an "Anti-Tech Serum" full of ingredients proposed to protect and eventually undo any damage caused by blue light. "

2 JUL 2020

" You've heard about technology's blue light being harsh on your eyes, but what about your skin? Meet Foster's Lab Anti-Tech Serum. The brand's debut product is a serum that helps protect skin against the harmful factors of the modern-day, including pollution and technology such as blue light emitted from electronic devices."


11 JUN 2020


9 OCT 2020