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Arguably the most critical step in your skincare routine is Cleansing. Not only does it purify your skin and purges your pores, reenergizing it with a lustrous glow and refreshing zest, it also creates the groundwork for other skincare ingredients to work and to be absorbed. Our new Brightening Cleanser does just that.

As such, cleansing is the most basic and simple step in your skincare routine. But it’s not all that simple, is it? The hard part is trying to select which cleanser to use! There are just SO MANY options available in the market, it can sometimes get mind-boggling when you set out to choose your cleansing face wash.

Don’t worry – we’re here to make your life a bit easier. Here’s a short guide to help you decide on your clean cleanser.


What Traits Should You Look For In Your Cleanser? 

A cleanser’s job is to remove the dirt, pollutants, residual makeup, and excess oils from your skin, and leaving your skin soft, clean, and refreshed. Whenever you try out a new cleanser, make sure it ticks the following boxes:

  • The cleanser is gentle and mild, and does not irritate your skin
  • It is free from harsh chemicals and fragrances. As far as possible, try to use products made from natural ingredients
  • It cleanses your face effectively and doesn’t leave behind significant dirt, debris, oils, etc.
  • It should not make you feel that your skin is oily or greasy
  • It shouldn’t dry out your skin
  • Your cleanser should not disturb the pH balance of your skin


How To Choose a Cleanser That Is Best For You?

As important as it is to cleanse your face, it is equally important to choose the right cleanser that would be best suited for you. Here are a few things to keep note of when you go buying your cleanser:

  • Skin Type

The Cleanser that works for one type of skin, may be devastating on another type. This is arguably the most important factor to consider before finalizing a cleanser. Here’s a concise guide to help you based on your skin type:

-   Oily Skin: Avoid oil-based cleansers. Look for ingredients like aloe vera, which hydrate your skin while balancing out the oil production; or charcoal, which thoroughly cleans out your pores. Foam-based cleansers also clear out the pores nicely and are helpful in preventing breakouts.

-   Dry Skin: Look for a hydrating face wash that effectively removes the dirt and grime, but keeps the natural oils of the skin intact. Cream-based cleansers are also good for dry skin.

-   Neutral Skin: Well, it is likely that any type of cleanser is going to suit you. So go ahead and experiment! Might as well invest in anti-aging ingredients – like vitamin C or green tea extract.

-   Sensitive Skin: Foamy face washes with soothing ingredients like aloe vera are recommended. Make sure that the cleanser keeps your skin’s pH in balance.


  • Weather and Environment

Winters or summer, sunny or rainy - you might sometimes have to keep in mind the external environs while choosing your cleanser. So the cleanser that worked during the fall season, may not work as well for you during the winter chills.


  • Professional Needs

Do you work at home or in an air-conditioned office, or does your work require you to sweat it out in the field amidst all the dirt and grime? The choice of cleanser will need to be tapered according to the type of stuff you will be cleansing off at night before bed.



Cleansing your face is ideally the first skincare step in the morning, and before you surrender yourself to your bed at night. Choosing the right kind of cleanser is extremely important since using one that does not meet your needs and skin type can play havoc with your skin! And remember, when you buy a new product, always check by using a small amount on your skin first, to make sure it does not irritate or harm your skin in any way. So long then - hope this helped you in achieving the perfect, glow that everyone desires.