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sorry, blue light 

    we are breaking up

10% of profits will be donated to Covid-19 relief* 


what’s that

good question – we thought you might ask!  we are connected to technology now more than ever, and the blue light emitted by those devices can damage our skin over time.  we created the concept and science behind anti-tech, which blocks the blue light that is emitted by our devices and screens everyday, and starts to actively repair the many signs of damage that has occurred over time.

our story

we set out to help others combat modern day skin issues, because we’ve experienced them ourselves. we focus on the quality and quantity of our active ingredients, and go above and beyond the industry standards. this allows us to bring you the most effective products in the market that deliver genuine results.


* 10% of profits will be donated to the Professional Beauty Association.  PBA is offering grants to beauty professionals who have been affected by Covid-19.  For more information please check out the PBA website.